GoPod - rethink work space

GoPod is designed and built in South Africa using only the best quality materials. GoPods are made for use outdoors and are weatherproof and offer users an insulated and peaceful environment. They are perfect for use as a Home Office or Home School Classroom and are fully customisable to suit your requirements.

GoPod is innovative

GoPod's are innovative pre-fabricated units made from insulated panels and can be installed on-site quickly. The modular design can be adapted to suit requirements and do not require foundations or concrete slabs. The insulated panelling offers greater thermal resistance and noise abatement than conventional building methods with outstanding chemical, weathering and abrasion resistant qualities.

GoPod Basic:                                     Priced from around R 45 000.00 (excl VAT)

White finish inside and outside.

Aluminium Sliding Door

Vinyl flooring

Pod Size: 2720mm x 1650mm x 2400mm (high)


Customise your GoPod with the following optional extras:

Customised colour inside and/or outside walls

LED Lighting (white or colour changing)

Luxury Vinyl or Laminated Flooring


Sandblast glass

Custom Printed Textured Wallpaper

Desking, Shelving & Cupboards

Plug Points

Office chairs


Let us design and build a GoPod to your requirements: email us on